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Timesheets and Project Time Tracking

Using the timesheet software within iPlanWare you can monitor actual time spent and financial performance accurately. As soon as timesheets are completed project managers can see the impact on their projects costs, revenue and schedule.

You can decide at what level you track time including project, task, business as usual activities and time off and absence codes. To help with timesheet management, tools are provided to streamline team leader and manager approvals and identify missing timesheets.

Timesheet Video
Track project time, company time and time off Stop using spreadsheets for project time tracking
Customisable timesheets and timesheet codes Time tracking software gives accurate time reporting

As well as recording time spent on project activities, the timesheet lets you capture additional information such as estimate to complete, notes, overtime and analysis codes.

To make it easy for users to complete their timesheet, they can import their planned activities and time off.

Resource Utilisation Reporting

Generating timesheet reports takes a couple of clicks in iPlanWare. Generate graphs, export data to Excel, .PDF or Word - with iPlanWare all your timesheet data is centralised and accessible.

Resources can run personal time analysis reports to check they are hitting chargeability levels.


Workflows can route timesheets to project or line managers for approval. Billing and financial reporting timescales are compressed by streamlining time capture and approval.

Workflows can also be set up for processing and approving project expense claims.

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