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Resource Management and Resource Planning

With iPlanWare's resource management software you can track your resources skills, utilisation, available capacity and the demands being made upon your resources. Our resource planning software lets you build and share resource plans which enable you to accurately forecast resource requirements, identify shortfalls and drive recruitment plans.

With resources always in demand, you need to optimise skill distribution and ensure the right people are assigned to the right tasks and the priority projects. iPlanWare helps by giving managers a 360 degree view into their organisation's resource pool.

Resource Management Video

Interested in resource capacity planning? Check out our resource capacity planning module.

Build resource forecasts and capacity plans Plan and schedule projects and business as usual work
Track time off and overtime Resource management system improves staff utilisation
Online project timesheets Track resource costs and revenues

Not all work can be scheduled in a Gantt, so iPlanWare's resource planning tool provides a wall planner view to help schedule techs, engineers and small jobs.

iPlanWare's resource capacity forecasting tools can be used to build high level resource forecasts for your projects and check how new work or changed priorities impacts on your resource availability.

Resource Planning
Resource Utilisation

View the allocated, scheduled, actual time spent and time off for your people. Split people into pools, roles, locations to help you understand your organisation's overall human capital needs and skill mix.

Identify issues that will affect project delivery including over allocation, under allocation and scheduling conflicts - meaning you make the most of your scarce resources.

Configurable dashboard views and graphs make it easy to optimise utilisation and identity skills in demand.


For each person you can record their working hours, skills and skill levels, location, job role, employment dates, time off, overtime periods and billing and chargeout rates.

Using our enterprise resource management system, you can search and locate people based on skill profiles, sector experience and client experience.

Search For Resource
Track Time Off Holidays

Time off and absence can be recorded along with normal working times of people. Our enterprise resource management software gives you an accurate up-to-date picture of resource availability.

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