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Resource Demand and Capacity Planning Software

iPlanWare's resource capacity planning and resource demand planning tools give you visibility into your organisation's entire resource pool and let you build and share resource plans and resource forecasts. What if scenario analysis and best fit resource capacity planning helps you identify the best mix of projects and optimum start dates.

The capacity planner provides a visual representation of your organisation's capability to deliver on projects and means you can easily understand the optimum mix of projects based on your staff, skill capacity and recruitment plans. The capacity planning tools in iPlanWare seamlessly integrates with management dashboards which let you analyse allocated work, scheduled work and actual time spent by individual, resource pool and role.

Demand Management Video

Resource plan using actual or generic roles Use scenarios to analyse alternative project options
See the effect of new projects on resource availability What if planning based on committed and requested work

High level capacity plans can be used to capture resource demand forecasts for project work and business as usual activities (BAU) such as support.

Unlike some rigid solutions on the market that force you to use project plans to drive capacity plans, our flexible resource forecasting software separates the capacity planning process from the project planning process giving you an agile way to plan and forecast your staffing needs.

Resource Planning
Demand Analysis

iPlanWare allows managers and team leaders to work on finding the optimum solution for staffing projects. Resourcing needs can be described using both actual or generic skill placeholders.

Real-time capacity dashboards highlight staffing shortfalls or over supply and can be summarised by pool, role or individual staff member.


The capacity planner lets you see the impact on your resources if new projects are requested, projects re-prioritised or deferred.

You can create multiple scenarios and perform best fit planning to find the optimum mix of projects for your resource availability. Skill shortages can easily be identified and new project schedules tried out to resolve resource issues.

Resource Forecasting
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