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Project Management

iPlanWare's project management software gives project managers the tools they need to schedule, track and deliver projects and programmes in a solution that is easily customised to the way you work. Planning and scheduling can be done in iPlanWare or you can import plans from MS Project. Project start up is simplified using templates and process workflows.

Task and project tracking is based on progress, milestones, money and time, while status reports keep executives and stakeholders in the loop about progress. Change requests can be recorded and issue logs and risk logs give visibility of any problems or delays.

Project Management Software Video

Project & programme information in one place Online project management software
Real-time status tracking dashboards Monitor milestones, schedules, finance, issues and risks
Standardise the way you run projects Task tracking software and task management software
Team collaboration platform Track project deliverables and benefits

Scheduling projects is quick and easy. The iPlanWare Gantt lets you check who is available before assigning work. Timesheets can update progress and financials.

Use the iPlanWare MSP connector to seamlessly import and export plans between iPlanWare and MS Project.

Import and Export MS Project Plans
Project Managers Schedule Online
Project Management Software

Configurable dashboards provide real time visibility into the status of work. Colour coded health and RAG indicators make it easy for you to track if initiatives are on target.

Dashboards, views and portals can be customised in seconds to display the data you need to see.

Project Management Software Dashboard

With iPlanWare you will streamline creation and distribution of updates and progress reports to stakeholders and project review boards. With iPlanWare, project status is available online and reduces time spent communicating progress.

Project Management Progress Tracking
Projects Software
Risk Management Log

Within iPlanWare, integrated logs are used to track problems, issues and actions and monitor them to completion. You can also track change requests.

Risk management tools help you zero in on the projects that need your close attention.

Issue Tracking Log
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