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Project Management Dashboards and Portfolio Dashboards

Project Dashboards and Reports transform information into intelligence. So iPlanWare uses graphs, investment maps, charts, colour coding and timelines to help you understand and make the right decisions based on your data. Dashboards deliver real-time visibility into your entire portfolio of projects and help you monitor resource usage, project progress and finances.

With 60+ out of the box reports, 150+ customisable dashboard views and an optional Reporting Universe for Business Intelligence analysis, iPlanWare delivers role based information to executives, managers and teams and helps them get work done.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Video
Project Reports and Dashboards
60+ reports, 150+ dashboards views Keep updated anywhere - view project status online
Customise dashboards and views to your needs Optional Reporting Universe BI data source
Export reports and dashboards to Excel Integrate data with other systems using web services

iPlanWare includes intuitive project, portfolio and resource management dashboards that can be configured with a couple of clicks. Managers can use dashboards to forecast resource needs, improve project selection and monitor project execution.

In addition to dashboards, reports can be also be generated and exported to applications such as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), MS Word and MS Excel.

Project Management Reports
Project Management Dashboard

iPlanWare comes with a pre-defined set of dashboard views, but users can set up their own unique dashboard configured to their needs - meaning people can monitor the metrics important to them.

Dashboards also provide a simple, intuitive way for project management offices (PMO) to communicate and share data with the wider organisation.


Our project dashboard software gives project managers and resource managers their own dashboard to assist project execution and resource optimisation.

But reports and dashboards don't need to be restricted to executives, project managers or resource managers. Anyone in your organisation can be granted access to dashboards including team members, team leaders, analysts and business stakeholders.

Portfolio Management Dashboards
Project BI Reporting Universe

Sometimes you need to take reporting to another level - such as creating sophisticated BI analysis or mash up data from other software products.

iPlanWare is the only SaaS PPM tool that includes a dedicated Reporting Universe of your PPM data. The Reporting Universe data is provided in a user friendly and structured way which ensures ease of reporting. This means you can use any 3rd party reporting tool to perform ad-hoc analysis that really helps you mine into your PPM data.

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