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Project Accounting and Project Cost Management

iPlanWare's project accounting software gives you maximum flexibility when tracking your project finances by allowing you to define labour chargeout rates by job role, resource, client and project. Budgets, capital costs and non labour revenue can be recorded to help you with project cost management. Our billing function lets you create client bills online.

Dashboards showing real-time data let you analyse costs, revenue, profitability and margin on a month by month basis by resource, resource group and project. Forecast and actual data is provided to assist with monitoring of performance. Online expense forms can be used to capture project and general organisation expenses and sent to managers for approval.

View projected and actual staff hours and revenues Flexible labour based rate cards
Chargeability, margin and profitability analysis Simplify expense claims and client billing

iPlanWare lets you track cost and revenue estimates against, current scheduled and actual values providing you with an accurate picture of your budget status and the profitability of your projects and resources.

Labour and non labour elements can be tracked to give you a complete view of your project finances.

Project Finance And Budgeting
Resource Rates and Labour Costs

Build your cost and revenue model using role, activity and fixed price charges. Standard charge out rates can be set for resource types or individual resources. Preferential rates can be set for clients and expense charge backs processed at cost or with an optional mark-up.


With iPlanWare, client billing is simplified. Create your bills containing labour, non labour charges and miscellaneous charges online.

Expense forms can be set up to capture, process and approve project or company expense claims.

Project Expenses
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