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iPlanWare: Project, Portfolio and Resource Management

iPlanWare is a project portfolio management (PPM) solution that ensures you select the right projects to run and then run them better. With iPlanWare you will make better use of your resources, deliver more projects on time and get complete visibility of your organisation's work. Your teams will collaborate more effectively and knowledge and experience shared.

The iPlanWare solution is simple to use, quick to implement and delivers project and portfolio management without complexity. You can sign up to our hosted online project management software or you can install the software on premises.

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Project Management

Schedule, plan and execute your projects, manage issues and risks and track project status, finances, progress and milestones. iPlanWare gives managers complete visibility through the whole project lifecycle.

Dashboards and Reports

A real-time view of your organisation's projects, people and portfolio status is essential to make the right decisions faster. iPlanWare includes 60+ standard reports and 150+ configurable real-time dashboards.

Resource Management and Planning

iPlanWare enables managers to build resource plans and forecasts and monitor team utilisation. Our easy to use resource planning software will help you make the most of your people and maximise the effectiveness of your teams.

Portfolio Management

With iPlanWare you will zero in on the right projects to run and then run them better. Prioritise and score your projects against strategic goals, evaluate scenarios, optimise your resource allocation and track work to completion.

Resource Capacity Planning & Forecasting

Our resource forecasting software lets you record the staffing needs for projects and compare them to your available capacity. Capacity planning helps optimise resource utilisation and identify staff or skill shortages.

Project Timesheets and Time Tracking

iPlanWare includes timesheet software which lets you capture, review and approve time for anyone on your team. Timesheet workflows streamline the timesheet approval and reconciliation process.

Process Improvement and Best Practice

Give your project management office (PMO) tools to manage the project lifecycle and PPM process. Improve your governance and share best practice and document templates across teams.

Project Accounting, Finance & Billing

Budgets, labour and non labour costs, revenues and benefits can be tracked with our project accounting software. Create client bills and capture and approve expenses online.

Product Integration & Web Services

iPlanWare is integration friendly. Link up with existing business applications such as Salesforce and SharePoint using the iPlanWare Web Services. Use the iPlanWare MS Project Connector to import and export plans to MSP.

Online (SaaS) or On Premises Software

Our browser based software lets you manage your work online, anywhere, anytime. SaaS (Software as a Service / hosted / On Demand) and On Premises (installed on your server) solutions available.

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