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Project Portfolio Management and IT Portfolio Management

Project portfolio management (PPM) starts with selecting the right work to do. iPlanWare provides a powerful PPM solution for optimising your project request, prioritisation and selection process. Projects can be evaluated on investment criteria, NPV, risk, return and resource needs. Scorecards let you align projects with business objectives and strategy.

Once the optimum portfolio of projects are selected, executives get a complete view of their organisation's project status, resource demands and financial performance. Our portfolio management software gives executives the tools to make the right decisions.

Project Portfolio Management Video

Streamline project requests Select projects based risk, reward & NPV (net present value)
Evaluate risk, benefits and resource demand Portfolio management gives visibility into all managed work
Scorecards simplify prioritisation Balance resources across the portfolio
Evaluate alternative portfolio scenarios Select the right projects to run

Online project request forms streamline and centralise the capture of project ideas from your organisation. Requests are an online business case that describes the cost, resource needs, risk and benefits for each project idea.

iPlanWare simplifies the project estimation process meaning you get more accurate cost, time and resource estimates for your projects.

Project Request
Project Scorecard

Score and evaluate your projects and check alignment to business strategy. Prioritise and select your projects based on risk, reward, benefits, cost and resource needs using our easy to use PPM software.

Project Approval

Optimising a portfolio of projects is simplified using investment maps, portfolio timelines and project dependency analysis. You can quickly evaluate alternative project scenarios to optimise your available resources.

Identify the best mix of projects, approve - then monitor progress using portfolio dashboards showing benefit analysis, cost updates and progress timelines.

Portfolio Investment Map
IT Portfolio Dashboard

Our online portfolio management software gives executives visibility into all managed work in your enterprise using customisable dashboards showing real time data.

These views provide deep insight into timelines, budgets, benefits, resource loading and help you better forecast resource needs and monitor project performance. High level milestone plans let you track how projects are progressing without having to dive into the detail.

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