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About iPlanWare

In 1999, the founders of iPlanWare saw an opportunity. They knew that traditional project, resource and portfolio management solutions had serious drawbacks. They took months to deploy, required expensive consultants to set them up and they had inflexible licensing models. They were too complex for most organisations to implement, so organisations that could benefit from the tools were locked out.

The route iPlanWare took was to build a solution that was easy to implement, had the right blend of features, was simple to use and above all delivered value quickly. Underlying this approach was their business model which was based on offering their iPlanWare PPM solution as both SaaS or On Premises software.

You Can Tell a Lot About a Solution From the Company it Keeps

Today customers across a range of sectors and geographic locations leverage the power of iPlanWare to optimise their project management, resource management and portfolio planning. Our customers span sectors as diverse as IT, healthcare, consulting, technology, media, government, telecommunications and not for profit.

We Do Things a Bit Different

When you invest in software you are also investing in a relationship with the people behind the software. With iPlanWare you will get:

  • Straight speaking and no jargon.
  • Involvement in shaping the future of our PPM tools.
  • Innovation combined with a desire to build the best software.
  • Honesty and openness.


  • 2010 Product name changed from TeamWorks to iPlanWare
  • 2009 Product split into two editions TeamWorks Professional and TeamWorks Enterprise
  • 2008 Release of TeamWorks 3.0
  • 2007 Company name changed from MJI to iPlanWare
  • 2005 Release of TeamWorks 2.0
  • 2001 Release of TeamWorks 1.0
  • 1999 Founded in Manchester UK

Contact us

Contact Sales sales@iplanware.com

Sales: +44 (0)161 850 0308

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