iPlanWare Reporting Universe – Giving You Access to Your PPM Data

by admin on June 10, 2012

The iPlanWare Reporting Universe is an add on product for iPlanWare which lets organisations use the power of 3rd party reporting and business intelligence (BI) products for analysis and reporting over their iPlanWare data.

Like most PPM solutions, iPlanWare includes a range of standard reports and dashboards which meet the majority of reporting needs. But what happens when you need something a little different – your CEO is pushing you for some statistics on current projects and you just can’t find a report that gives you the information you need in the format you need. This is why you need the iPlanWare Reporting Universe.

Ok, tell me more

Using a 3rd party reporting tool gives you the most power, flexibility and ease of use when it comes to creating ad-hoc reports and analysis. However they cannot connect up to SaaS systems due to security controls. So you have to extract and format the data in Excel. Which is maybe ok one time, but a non-starter as a reporting solution.

With the iPlanWare Reporting Universe you can access your iPlanWare data, in a format you will understand and which any reporting tool can connect to. It means you will never be locked out of your data, have complete flexibility over reporting and will be able to create whatever reports and analysis you need.

How does it work

Ok, so first decide which reporting product you want to use. There are hundreds available which range from free to a couple of hundred pounds. Some more sophisticated than others, some easier to use than others. So make a choice based on budget and needs. You can also use tools you may already have available like MS Excel, MS Access, Crystal Reports or Business Objects. Then simply install the iPlanWare Reporting Universe and set it up to start creating your reporting data. You are then done and can start creating your reports.

Reporting Universe On-Premises Example

Reporting Universe On-Premises

Reporting Universe SaaS Example

Reporting Universe SaaS

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