New features make project portfolio management even easier

by admin on July 19, 2011

The new release of iPlanWare PPM has a number of features that make portfolio modelling, analysis and project selection even easier.

Project scorecards form the cornerstone of a portfolio review and approval process. The latest release of iPlanWare makes scorecards faster to complete and review. In the new portfolio scoring area you can quickly score your projects and evaluate them relative to other competing initiatives.

What if scenario modelling has got a whole lot more powerful. When reviewing requested projects alongside already committed projects, organisations will often need to evaluate different portfolio options. The new scenario management features let each portfolio managers create multiple scenarios and evaluate each in turn. Scenarios can be evaluated based on metrics such as project score, risk, reward and resource capacity.

Separate risk and reward scores can now be calculated for project scorecards. Prior to this release projects were scored on a single project score dimension. Allowing projects to be additionally scored on risk and reward provides greater visibility into project priorities. Project can be evaluated on the investment map using risk and reward scores.

portfolio selection

Select projects based on risk and reward

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