iPlanWare capacity planning and what-if scenario modelling

by admin on May 10, 2011

Are you struggling to understand if you can take on more work, or how to best fit projects around your available resource? These are the types of questions capacity planning in iPlanWare helps you get answers to. Most organisations have a reasonably fixed supply of resource, so they have to make decisions about what projects to do and when to do them. Capacity planning helps you make sense of the shifting priorities within an organisation and direct resources to the most valuable work in your organisation.

What kind of questions will capacity planning help you with?

As new work requests are raised and project priorities changed, executives and resource planners need easy to use tools that let them model different project options and answer questions such as:

  • What projects can we do given the resources we have available?
  • If we need to start up a new project – what impact will it have on other projects?
  • Where can we fit a new high priority project into our overall work plans?
  • Do we need to delay lower priority projects to take on new work?
  • If we cancel lower priority projects, will this free up resource for more important projects?

Key features of the resource capacity planner within iPlanWare

  • Perform what if analysis on different mixes of projects across the portfolio.
  • Model the effects on your resources of delaying or advancing projects.
  • Use strategic drivers and objectives to prioritise your projects.
  • Quickly identify shortfalls or over supply of resource.
  • Move projects around to find a best fit given available resource.

Simple resource capacity planning

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