iPlanWare PPM Release 3.6 Now Available

by admin on December 13, 2010

The feature most customers ask for is the ability to create their own custom data fields within iPlanWare. Release 3.6 of iPlanWare provides this ability – system administrators can log in and start creating custom data fields and painting them onto pages and dashboards. So if you have some data you need to store in iPlanWare and there isn’t a field already for it – you can go ahead and create the field.

The other major feature introduced in release 3.6 is customer billing. Many of our professional service customers use iPlanWare to track charges to customers, but had no easy way to manage the charges as billed or non-billable or summarise them by periods. Finance users within iPlanWare now have a straightforward way to track and manage their billing process. You can learn more at www.iplanware.com.

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