TeamWorks Release 3.3

by admin on September 24, 2009

The next release of iPlanWare PPM includes some very exiting tools to help organisations with their capacity planning and forecasting. A major problem when undertaking capacity planning is being able to capture the resource demands for projects that are still in the pipeline.  Typically you won’t have full visibility of who is doing the work or the exact work to be done. So trying to describe your resource needs using a project plan is a non starter.

The resource allocation feature in iPlanWare solves this problem by letting project and resource managers capture demand using a simple to use data capture grid. Rather than getting into the detail, people can record resource requirements by allocating a resource to a project for a number of days per month. Very simple and very intuitive.

Resource management dashboard

Resource management dashboard

The next release also contains a host of new dashboard views that let managers view, interrogate and analyse resource centric data including:

  • Historic and forecast utilisation.
  • Resource demand vs. resource supply (and variances).
  • Resource capacity planning views.

In addition, the finance picture in iPlanWare is further enhanced using month by month views showing resource and project profitability, cost, margin and profit. Finally the dashboard look and feel has been dramatically enhanced by the use of graphs, drill through analysis and exportable views.

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