Implement iPlanWare PPM Software Faster

by admin on September 23, 2009

A useful tool for organisations that wish to speed their implementation of iPlanWare PPM is the iPlanWare Accelerator. Even though most organisations are up and running within a matter of days (typically less than 30 days even for large implementations), we wanted to make the process even quicker and transfer more of the knowledge of our professional service team.

So the iPlanWare Accelerator tool kit was devised. The iPlanWare Accelerator consists of two elements:

  • Pre shipped data lookups for a typical PMO / IT organisation. Organisations can choose to install this at implementation time then adjust the data to their specific needs.
  • Guidance documentation describing the considerations and┬ádecisions to be made for each functional area of the product. Essentially an A to Z of implementing iPlanWare PPM.

The iPlanWare Accelerator documentation is available for new customers by contacting our support centre.

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