Comparison of iPlanWare PPM to Microsoft Project Server

by admin on August 26, 2009

Organisations evaluating iPlanWare PPM often consider Microsoft Project Server as an option. We felt it would be useful to provide a comparison of the two products and why we believe iPlanWare PPM is a better option for organisations that are serious about optimising their project management and resource management.

Single integrated solution

iPlanWare is a single integrated software package, not a complicated installation of various software components. A typical installation of iPlanWare takes around 1 hour. An upgrade will take around 15 minutes.

Just project management software and resource management software

We are project and resource management software specialists. Period. Go and take a look at our site - that is all we do. Nothing else, just software to optimise your projects and resources.

Onsite or SaaS (software as a service)

We offer our software as an onsite (installed) or online project management software. The software used by our hosted customers is the same software used by our customers who install iPlanWare onsite. So you can be assured it is scaleable.

Support services available from the people who built the software

Even though we have made iPlanWare easy to install and set up – some customers like assistance with some of the “heavy lifting”. Support services, consultancy and training are available direct from the people who built the software.

Releases three to four times a year

We passionately believe in giving customers new features and improvements to the software as often as possible. So we aim to ship upgrades and new features 3 to 4 times a year – not every 12 to 18 months.

Easier to set up and use

We work on a “sign to live” timeline of 30 days. Meaning that within 30 days of purchasing iPlanWare, a typical organisation has installed, set up, configured and started rolling out the software.

Well designed software should be easy to use and not require an army of consultants to set up and implement. In fact most iPlanWare customers adopt a self service approach to implementing the software using the online help, training and best practice guides that ship with the product.

Browser based software

Meaning the software is easier to rollout and manage going forward.

Team collaboration support

Projects are all about people and the collective effort and experience they bring together. Using iPlanWare your people can share and work together. Even sharing plans can all be done online without copies of MS Project being required.

Don’t waste any investment already made in MS Project

iPlanWare integrates with MS Project as we believe in giving you choices – and you only need to use MS Project Standard – not MS Project Professional which is a pre-requisite for MS Project Server.

More than just planning and scheduling

Yes - iPlanWare has extensive planning and scheduling capabilities. But iPlanWare delivers a whole host of other capabilities that enable you to better manage your projects and teams. Online project status reports, risk logs, action logs, issue logs, resource forecasting, project selection and portfolio management and governance tools and more. We like to think of iPlanWare as a complete project environment.


If all the reasons above are not reason enough, let’s consider money. Over a 3 year term a iPlanWare implementation is going to save you £££ (check our our pricing here) when compared to a Project Server implementation. Run a slide rule past the numbers – remember to factor in license costs, implementation costs, support costs and upgrade costs (yes we do provide these free as part of our support and maintenance agreement).

That’s it….

So what are you waiting for?

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